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Our next installment of MEGA COLLECTORS takes us to the Philippines. We meet a collector who runs an awesome Lord of the Rings themed Burger shop called Shadow and Flames Burgers! Reginald Rivera has been very active in our Facebook group, as well as others. His collection is immediately identifiable by the built in displays and massive army of Orcs! A large portion of his collection is comprised of custom figures created the the talented Randolf Gimaldo of Firefly Customs. Check out his insane work in our Custom Artists section HERE. I had the pleasure to chat with Reginald recently. 

Donnie: When was your first experience with Tolkien and Middle -earth?

Reginald: It was in 2001, The Fellowship of the Ring.

Donnie: What was the first Lord of the Rings figure that you purchased ?     


Reginald: The first figure I purchased was the Ringwraith Horse and Rider Set.

Donnie: Where do you buy most of your action figures?     

Reginald: I buy most of my action figures on LOTR Groups here in the Philippines.

Donnie:  Tell us about your collection room.

Reginald:  My collection is displayed at my LOTR-themed burger shop called Shadow and Flames Burgers. Around 300 LOTR figures are displayed there.

Donnie:  Do you have a favorite figure? 


Reginald:  My favorite figure would be the NECA Balrog and the Burger King Mail Away Uruk-Hai. Those two I consider my Holy Grails.

Donnie:  What is the collecting scene like in the Philippines?  


Reginald:  Most LOTR collectors I know are on an endless quest to expand their collection and I've noticed that there had been an increase of new collectors since last year.

Donnie:  Who does most of your custom work? Would you like to give a shout out to the artist?                                                      

Reginald:  Of course the one and only Randolf Grimaldo of Firefly Custom. We have a lot of Uruk-Hai Swordsmen and Pikemen projects lined up.

Donnie:  What are your thoughts on the upcoming Amazon Lord of the Rings series?                                                          

Reginald:  I'm very interested in this show. I just hope it's still connected with Peter Jackson's  interpretation of LOTR. 

Donnie:  How can people connect with you? What are your preferring social links?        

Reginald:  They can connect with me through: 

My Facebook page 

email at rivera_reginald@yahoo.com

Check out his burger spot HERE!